We Operate Safe Distancing

We are all trying to keep safe at the moment.

But would like to let you know, our services are still operational.


We are following government guidelines and advice fully.

I am working in isolation whilst helping the keep the economy moving.  I adhere to self distancing rules fully sanitising my hands each time I get in and out of my van.


We take online payments.

Meaning you can settle the bill without even having to see us.


We’re sticking to the 2M rule.

Our hot water fed pole and brush system means we maintain a safe distance away.

We send a text message the day before, so you can leave any gates unlocked without us having to disturb you.


Lets face it….

We’re all just staring out of our windows at the moment.  If you’d like a clearer view while doing so, why not get in touch?


I work alone.

So this minimises any unnecessary contact.  So if you see me cleaning your windows, we can give each other a wave and a smile.  More importantly, stay safe.   PCD Window Clean.