Would you clean your car with cold water if hot water was available to you?  Would you wash your dishes with cold water if hot  water was available to you?  Would you even wash your hands in cold water if  hot was available?

Of course not!  Then why would you have your windows cleaned with cold water too? 


We have invested heavily into our advanced temperature controlled, on demand hot water system to provide the best quality of service all year round without charging extra for that privilege.  The majority of our competitors are using cold to maximise their own profits.  We don’t, focusing on quality at an affordable price.


Cleaning windows using hot purified water is a much more effective way to getting better results removing heavy marks or dirt where cold may struggle.  It certainly improves the cleanliness of your upvc frames and doors, not to mention guttering, soffits and cladding.  We’re  not saying cold systems don’t work, but we do find it’s less effective.


Improved reliability – Using hot water enables us to work in colder conditions during the winter months.  The cold water systems will freeze up and soon as we see zero degree temperatures on the ground.


PCD Window Clean