GOCARDLESS – Automated Direct Debit

Do you usually pay on-line?  Then why not move over to Automated Direct Debits.

Leave the work to us, we can collect the money automatically.

Just click on the  button to register.


We won’t set up a recurring direct debit.  We simply apply to debit your account with the correct amount of money within 2 days following a clean.  You’ll always get an email three days before the amount leaves your account so you can check every thing is correct.

It’s so Easy – This is what to expect after you have clicked on the GoCardless button and registered your Direct Debit set up with us. – (You only need register once)

How it Works

1 – We service your house as normal

2 – We leave the usual “we have cleaned note” for your records.

      (Customers can relax as you no longer need to do anything)

3 – Following a clean we will automatically apply to take payment from your account.

4 – GoCardless will then email the details to you three days before payment is debited.

      (Customers have the security and peace of mind to check everything is correct)

5 – Three days later the funds will leave your account.


This means that customers who sign up for this process can relax not having to take the time to make a payment.  No need to worry about remembering to pay on-time.

Its totally secure and can be controlled like any other Direct Debit through your Bank or GoCardless account.  Normal Direct Debit Guaranties apply.

We’re trying to reduce Paypal payments to reduce costs.  We would appreciate any customer that uses the Paypal option to convert over to this easy Direct Debit option.

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