A cut above the rest. Why?

PCD Window clean uses state of the art equipment, the best in the industry. We use 100% purified hot water with a TDS report of ‘000’ producing the best results, avoiding the use of detergents. Our carbon fibre pole system will reach up to 70ft providing complete privacy and improved access without use of ladders for both domestic and commercial use.  This page explains a little about how the technology works and how it beats traditional methods

New from 2015 – We now use a brand new chemical in the water that produces a glossy shine to windows frames without degrading the purity of the water.  This gives us a unique edge against other Window Cleaners.  In  2017 we introduced the industries latest Temperature Controlled Hot Purified Water system.

What’s it all about?

Water fed pole cleaning is at the cutting edge of window cleaning technology, using a reverse osmosis water treatment system in order to produce 100% pure water, when applied to glass the result is a sparkling clean window every time. The osmosis process is completely environmentally friendly, and uses no chemicals or detergents.

Pure water dries to a flawless finish and as the window is left sterile with nothing for dirt particles to adhere too, the problems associated with soap residue that traditional window cleaning methods can suffer from, become a thing of the past.

Why do we recommend this system above traditional window cleaning methods?

First and foremost, quite simply, it gives better cleaning results. Additionally, the absence of sticky soap residue on your windows means that dirt will find it harder to adhere to the glass, and so the windows stay cleaner for longer.


Why does pure water clean so effectively?

The main attribute of pure water is its desire to return to its impure state, and in doing so, to absorb large amounts of dirt from whatever it comes into contact with, making it an extremely efficient cleaning agent without the need for detergents.


What is the water fed pole system and how does it work?

Essentially, the WFP system involves pumping highly purified water from a tank up a pole to a brush. The brush washes and rinses the glass clean, the window is then left to dry naturally.


Can we use water fed pole system for other services?

Yes, we can use this equipment to clean all aspects of a property or business. Signs, Shop Fronts, Frames, all UPVC panelling, canopies, guttering, fascias, garage doors etc. Not only this, but we can also access areas of a  property that might have been too difficult or even impossible to reach from a ladder. Top floor windows, conservatory roofs, windows above conservatories, in fact, anywhere that a pole can reach and wash, can be cleaned.


Pure Water keeps Windows Cleaner for Longer:

Windows cleaned by pure water stay cleaner for longer, because the detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually leave an invisible film upon a window which attracts dirt.


Work at greater heights:

One of the great things about Water fed pole’s is that they can extend up to 70ft. This is a lot higher than you’d reach just using a ladder.   Jobs that traditional window cleaners would have to pass over, or use elaborate methods to clean like a cherry picker, can be handled comfortably by the WFP. Also, this makes it possible to service houses on new estates more effectively that are being built to second-storey height.


Working in Rain:

With the water fed pole system the rain won’t affect the window.  It’s not the rain that makes the windows dirty.


Sloped Roofs:

Cleaning windows that are located above a sloped roof can often be an extremely tricky task for the traditional window cleaner. Using ladders can sometimes cause damage to your guttering and roof. For the Water fed pole system, this does not pose as a problem.

You might be asking why do you need to use pure water to clean windows with a water fed pole system?

The reason is because in regular tap water there are minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.


Now while this water is fine to drink it won’t be very useful for a water fed pole system. That is because when the windows are cleaned with a water fed pole they will be left wet. When regular tap water dries on a window it will cover it in white smears, these white smears will be the impurities in the water sitting on the glass.