Each and every property is different.  So, it makes publishing prices on the website extremely difficult.   We offer personal quotations tailor made for you. However, prices start from as little as £10.  It’s not as much as you think.

Pricing depends on a number of factors from size, property type, conservatories, bi folding doors, patio doors, large bay windows & more.   Furthermore, access to the back has to be considered.  If we need to move the van or have to go further down the road to access an alleyway leading to the back may also contribute to the pricing.

Location also has an impact on pricing.  Rural properties may increase travel time and may be some distance from other properties we clean.   To keep prices as low as possible we try and visit properties in a geographic order where possible.

So, the best way to get a personal quote is over the phone or by completing our easy online quote form.  We may have to visit the property first or request you send photos.  Contact us today.


Caution regarding cheap quotes.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest but neither are we the most expensive.  However, what we actually do is to provide a proper professional job to a high standard offering value for money.  If your priority is on best price rather than quality & value, then we probably won’t be right for you as this isn’t the market we can compete in.  You can easily find a cheap window cleaner, but there’s usually a reason why they claim to be the cheapest.  They might do an extremely bad job not having the necessary experience, nor might they not have the correct or right level of equipment (cutting corners).  They will probably use cold or untreated water.   They maybe untrustworthy, not being registered or insured and will usually insist on cash only.    They tend not let you know when they’ll be coming to clean and will probably let you down or become unreliable.  There was an incident in Dudley in 2017 that hit the press where a cheap window cleaner was making his money up by thieving from his customers, mostly pensioners.

Insurance – Please be aware that trades advertising for example, £1 million Public Liability Insurance will not protect a customers property thats being worked on.  Public Liability only covers 3rd party damage.  Our policy covers £5 million Public Liability which is the recommended amount, plus we have a policy that covers customers property thats being worked on.

So, don’t be caught out, you’ll be surprised at some of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years.  People who use window cleaners tend to have a lot of pride in their home and its appearance.  So why would you want to cut corners?

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