PCD Window Clean is focused on water conservation.  We have taken several steps to ensure we are doing our best towards our precious resources and environment.

So what have we done?

  • Discontinued the use of reverse osmosis to purify our water.  This method produces pure water by separating the impure water from the pure water.    This means that for every 500 litre of pure water produced causes up to  a further 2000 litres of wasted water.  Therefore competitors using this system could use anything between 1500 – 2000 litres of water to create 500 litres of pure.
  • We now produce our pure water using the deionisation method.  This method cleans the impurities removing them from the water without any waste.  The impure particles are soaked up by the deionising resin creating pure water no different from the above method.  This way is more expensive,  but its a cost we are prepared to accept if it means reducing water usage by a whopping 300 – 400%.
  • Our poles are fitted with a water saving device.  This means when the brush is being moved between windows or the pole heights are being adjusted the water flow stops.   This modification has reduced our water usage by a further 40%.

As you can see,  with these new measures we have reduced our water usage using 6 – 7 times less water then we used to, and that of some of our competitors.