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This website is fully secure.  You should only use sites that show the ‘locked padlock’ symbol in the address bar. 

We encourage customers to use electronic forms of payment rather than cash.   However, methods of payment are totally your choice.


  • Automated Payments – Through Bank

If you usually pay online or you’re a new customer, then we suggest signing up for Automated Payments to help simplify things. This is now our most popular method of payment.


We won’t set up a recurring direct debit.  We simply apply to debit your account with the correct amount of money within 2 days following a clean.  You’ll always get an email three days before the amount leaves your account so you can check everything is correct.


  • Internet Banking – BACS

This option is starting to prove very popular with many customers. You can make a payment direct to my bank using BACS – Please request my bank details if you would like to use this option.   Just send me a text “BACS Payments” and I’ll text you my bank details and instructions required for this method.


  • Accepting Debit and Credit Cards

We now carry a card machine with us to make paying really easy at your property.  Accepting all major cards including Visa Credit and Debit Cards, Mastercard & Amex.  We can also take payments over the phone.


  • Pay Online with Paypal – Easy and Secure

Simple, fast, secure on-line payment system.  Just follow the instructions below.

Please enter your name in the green box
Please enter your address in the green box and click on Pay Now

* Please note that on-line payments are free to all customers when paying on time.  We pay a small fee every time a payment is made but will cover the cost providing payment is made within the required 7 days.  If you make your payment late you will need to add £0.50 (fifty pence) to the total.

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  • Paym payments

Already set up to send payments just using your mobile number through your Banking App?  Then we are ready to accept them.


  • Other Methods

Cash or cheque payments can be made at the time of the clean.  If you’re not home, I’ll leave an invoice or “I’ve cleaned slip” which includes payment instructions.  Cheques can then be posted to me or you could use one of the above methods.  It would be appreciated if payments are made as soon as possible and within 7 calendar days.  Having provided so many flexible payment options, we do not return to collect cash.  We will only attempt to collect cash if no payment or arrangement is made, incurring an additional charge to cover costs.


Our aim is to make things as simple as possible for the customer.

Thank you, PCD Window Clean

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