• NOW ACCEPTING – Debit and Credit Cards inc AMEX

We now carry a card machine with us to make paying really easy.  We can also take payment over the phone and online.  Our website is fully secure.   You should only use websites that displays the ‘locked padlock’ symbol in your address bar when using personal information.


  • We’ve gone HOT 

We have upgraded to the latest hot purified water system to provide even better results when cleaning.


  • Paym

We are now registered for accepting Paym payments


  • DON’T FORGET – to book this years Gutter Clearance

Its a good idea to remove any leaves, moss, weeds and the build up of silt to prevent blockages and damage to your property.


  • NEW – Improved Water Purification Solution

In 2015 we also added a brand new chemical to the water that helps produce a glossy shine without degrading water purity. This gives us a unique edge against our competitors



We’ve made things even easier when paying. Introducing the Automated Payments option, a brand new secure and electronic way to pay that involves no effort from customers.  Read how it all works on our payments page.



It’s great to hear your feedback.  We are really pleased with the positive comments and to see that so many customers are really happy.  A large proportion of new customers is generated by referrals and neighbours of the customers we already service after being impressed with the quality of the work and our friendly reliably approach.  See some examples on our testimonials page.

Many thanks, Paul, PCD Window Clean

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